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Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a great way to bond with your baby through the power of nurturing physical touch. Sharing massage together will help you to better understand your baby's cues and behaviours and will build a secure attachment that will positively shape your babies development.

Our 5 Week Course Layout

Week 1 - Sleep & Relaxation

In our first week we will be exploring techniques to encourage relaxation and sleep. Think lots of lovely, long, continuous strokes that will soon have those relaxation hormones flowing and hopefully, some snoozing.

Week 2 - Digestion & Colic Relief

One of our most popular massage routines as it brings relief to some of the most common baby ailments. These strokes will work on relieving the symptoms of trapped wind and constipation, aiding your baby's digestion and can also help to reduce colic.  

Week 3 - Playtime

We will be mixing things up a little this week with a fun filled routine using techniques & props that are guaranteed to stimulate your little one's senses and imaginations. 

Week 4 - Coughs & Colds

In week 4 we explore some really useful techniques that you can utilise to relieve those nasty cough and cold symptoms. Lots of facial and chest strokes in this routine.

Week 5 - Baby Reflexology

To finish off our wonderful 5 week course we will be learning how the ancient practice of reflexology can help with ailments such as teething, ear ache and constipation.

Our current Baby Massage courses run on Mondays 1-2pm from Copper Sun Studios, Egerton, Bolton, BL79RP and Tuesdays 10-11am from The Old Hay Barn, Birtle, BL96UL.
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