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Dining Out with Kids - Wine & Wallop, Prestwich

As a mum of four I'm always on the search for kid friendly places, because let's face it, if I'm out somewhere 99% of the time I've got at least one of them with me!!!

We went to Jukebops on Thursday this week, which is an amazing new toddler class in Prestwich. It's held in the basement of Wine & Wallop and I've never been in there before so I thought after the class I would grab some brunch with the girls. If you've never been in before it's got such a great vibe, full of quirky but cosy furniture & decor with lots of choice in terms of tables and booths to sit at.

We chose a little booth just behind the amazing florists shop which is located in the restaurant. The staff were amazing!!! They brought over our menus and gave us plenty of time to decide what we'd like. The brunch menu had a great choice of dishes. I went for the eggs Benedict and Scarlett (age 3) decided she wanted a burger. They do have a children's menu which didn't have burgers on so I ordered an adults burger for her and Nova (age 2) to share.

When I ordered and told the woman they'd be sharing an adult burger she asked if I'd like her to bring an extra plate so they each had their own which I thought was great. When the food arrived they had cut the burger in half for the girls and put out two pots of ketchup so they could each have their own and I just felt the little touches like that were really thoughtful and meant I didn't have to ask for anything extra.

The food was great and reasonably priced!!! I paid £27 for my eggs Benedict, Wallop Burger, hot chocolate and 2 lemonades.

While we were there the woman that worked in the florists was really lovely and came over to us talking to the girls, she asked the girls if they liked flowers and she brought them some mini roses each. We had a little chat about being parents and it prompted me to ask if they did wedding florals as I'm getting married next year. She took the time out to show me some photos of wedding they'd recently done on her phone, bearing in mind she was on her lunch break, and then had a chat about where we were getting married and what we were looking for in terms of flowers.

I had to dash off because I was parked at Aldi and didn't want to overrun (even though I had when I got back so looks like I'll have a parking fine) but I could have stayed in there for a lot longer. Such a lovely atmosphere and very welcoming for families.

Thank you Wine & Wallop, we'll definitely be back!!!

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